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I have a team of leaders at work that I can trust to make important business decisions, even when I’m not there.

I know what my company's core values are, and if asked - my employees would be able to articulate them as well.

I have a clear picture of what my company will look like in the future, and I have it written down.

I have a strategic plan documented and in process that has us on track to realize our company's ideal future.

My employees are clear on exactly what is expected of them in their role at work, how their success is measured, and why it matters.

My employees are highly engaged and the culture at our workplace is one that people enjoy being a part of.

I have a healthy work-life balance and weekly feel the freedom to put my work aside in order to do other things I love.

I know exactly what success looks like for my company, and I would currently describe my business as “successful.”

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This is how I feel most days when I leave work:

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If most of your answers are "true," you are well on your way to a healthy, high-performing business if you aren't there already. Keep it up!

If two or more of your answers are "false," be encouraged - you aren't alone! And believe it or not, change really is possible.

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